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Formed by Mark Heath in August 2020 Mercaston Solutions Ltd utilises over 30 years of leadership, investigation and training experience to support businesses in tackling modern slavery and labour exploitation. In addition to the provision of training we can conduct investigations into exploitation, fraud and malpractice within businesses or its wider supply chain. Located in the East Midlands we can offer a UK wide service to business. Director Mark Heath Following a successful career with the Dept for Work and Pensions Counter Fraud Investigation Service as an investigator, trainer and manager Mark joined the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority in 2005. Holding a number of roles as the Authority grew he was integral to its development as a valued partner for both business and law enforcement. In addition to being the Senior Investigating Officer for the largest prosecution case brought by the Authority he held the lead for learning and development during his time with the GLAA. He has senior leadership experience at a national level, to include representing the UK at international events, membership of the Welsh Government Anti-Slavery Leadership Group and the development of national training packages in relation to Modern Slavery. In recent years, as Deputy Director, he was responsible for writing the extensively used guidance for Spotting the Signs of labour exploitation, developing and implementing the GLAA Construction Protocol, developing and delivering bespoke training for UK and overseas partners and managing an inter-departmental IT transition project. Recognising the key challenges and benefits of partnerships and collaboration he has developed a deep understanding of the issues affecting labour supply chains and the risks of exploitative practice within them. Having been involved in the consultation process ahead of the introduction of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, the development of guidance following its implementation and working with private sector partners as they have sought to meet the requirements placed upon them Mark is uniquely placed to support businesses in meeting those requirements and assessing the effectiveness of the systems and processes which have been applied. Mark brings a wealth of experience and contacts to this role. He is extremely well respected as a partner, committed to ensuring that business is prepared for the challenges relating to the supply of labour is free from exploitation. Holding Security Clearance to SC level you can be assured of the utmost integrity and confidentiality.


Mercaston Solutions Ltd can provide services in a number of specialist areas

Modern Slavery

We can support your business by:

• Completing your Modern Slavery statement ensuring it meets legislative requirements and guidance
• Providing an independent assessment of your statement to give you an understanding of the impact it is having within your business and supply chain
• Examining your systems and processes to identify any gaps and make recommendations to ensure you meet the principles of reporting
• Developing guidance for your business and introducing it across your business and supply chain
• Developing and implementing a preventative strategy with supporting policies and procedures within your business and across your supply chain


We can develop and deliver bespoke training from Boardroom to shop floor in relation to:

• Understanding the causes and effects of Modern Slavery and how to tackle it
• Investigative interviewing skills based upon UK wide law enforcement techniques
• The management of Victims of modern slavery and other forms of exploitation
• Business impacts resulting from finding modern slavery within your supply chain
• Your internal grievance and reporting processes

Supply Chain Mapping and Risk Assessments

We can enable you to:

• Understand your supply chain and the where the risks of modern slavery/labour exploitation may be found
• Understand how your decisions can impact upon the supply of labour
• Identify where you have the greatest risk
• Understand how risks can be mitigated against
• Plan for changes in labour supply resulting from Covid 19 and Brexit


We can:

• Undertake enquiries within your supply chain
• Provide assessments of how your suppliers are identifying, managing and controlling the risks of labour exploitation
• Conduct initial investigations and make recommendations for next steps
• Act as a link to law enforcement partners and help you manage that relationship
• Provide ongoing investigative support to your compliance and internal fraud teams


For an initial conversation to find out more about how we can work with you in these key areas please contact us by email or telephone.

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